Analise Schroeder

Analise is a 10 year old Michigander. She lives with her mom, dad, brother, and bird. She loves the color yellow, Carmel candies, and puppy dogs. She wishes there were locker puppies in every locker at her school. 


Ani Cohen

Ani Cohen is a multimedia designer, filmmaker, and actor from Chicago.  She starting creating cartoons as a kid and has loved all things animated since.  Many thanks go to her friends and family for all their constant love and support.


Ellie Cook.JPG

Eleanor Cook

Eleanor Cook is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. She loves animals, her friends, and adventures. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.

Annie Cook

Anne Cook

Anne Cook is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. She enjoys eating snow, reading, and helping her mom. When she grows up she wants to be an artist rock star.