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The Prince In Peril, Part One

The Prince In Peril, Part One

Once upon a time, Princess Fae from the Kingdom of the East was set to marry the love of her life, Prince Nelson from the Kingdom of the West. Once married, she would unite the two kingdoms and rule over them as Queen of All The Land. Everyone in the two kingdoms was invited to the ceremony which was to take place at a newly-erected castle in the exact middle of the border between the East and the West. Everyone that is, except for the King of the East’s sister, Lady Morgan. She lived in a long dormant volcano, far away from her brother’s kingdom where she practiced fire sorcery and, according to the villagers of the East and West, bathed in lava and fed children to her Dragon. To prevent any of his sister’s potential meddling, the King of the East convinced the King of the West to hold the wedding on the first day of winter when Lady Morgan’s powers would be at their weakest.

Fae and Nelson at the Altar by  Ellie Cook

Fae and Nelson at the Altar by Ellie Cook

The day began wonderfully. Princess Fae rode across the East in a golden carriage with streamers and bells, waving at her subjects who had come from far and wide to celebrate. Her carriage arrived at her new castle just as snowflakes began lazily falling from the sky. Before she knew it, Fae was standing beside Nelson as the monk read the ceremonial rites. Nelson gave her hand a little squeeze when the monk flipped to the last page. The moment the old man began reading, an explosion of light and sound stunned the room. The monk, Fae, and Nelson were sent flying. When her senses returned, Fae saw her aunt stomping towards her. 

The King of the West was the first to his feet. He drew his sword. Lady Morgan waved her hand and a ring of fire surrounded him. She approached the still dazed Nelson. Her orange eyes searched the room for her brother. She found him struggling to get to his feet, “Am I to assume my invitation was lost in the mail?

“It seems your wickedness knows no bounds, sister.” the King of the East growled.

“Even when I’m at my best, I’m still a disappointment,” she sighed and grabbed Nelson’s arm, lifting him to his feet. They disappeared in another flash. The Queen of the West erupted in tears. Fae stood and locked eyes with her father. She balled her fists, and the King nodded. They made their way to the armory

“This was to be your wedding present,” the King of the East said as Fae ran her hand along the spine of a gleaming silver sword. The handle was gold and wrapped in soft leather. It felt light in her hands. It sliced through the air with a “whoosh”. 

“It’s perfect,” Fae whispered.

“It’s not all,” her father smiled. “That’s from your mother. This is from me.” The King took his daughter’s hand and led her through a tall wooden door at the far end of the armory. Once inside Fae found two servants polishing a suit of shining silver armor. 

Fae’s jaw dropped.  “I... It’s…" When she realized she couldn’t find the words, she hugged her father. 

“You’re welcome,” he said. “I figured the first Queen of All the Land deserved the finest and strongest armor in all the realm, and you’ll need it to get your Prince back. You’ll have the best knights from both kingdoms behind you at once.”

“No,” Fae said and took a step back. “That’s what she’ll be expecting. A full-on attack. No doubt she’ll have her Dragon flying circles over her tower just waiting to roast us. This calls for stealth, father.”

“But daughter, I’m sure Morgan has used up what little strength she has to capture Nelson. She’s most likely resting in a bath of lava or lake of fire or whatever she does to recuperate.” 

“That’s precisely why I must go alone. She won’t be expecting only me. Please, father. You know I’m right.”

“Yes, yes,” the King nodded his head, “I know there’s no convincing you otherwise.” Under his breath he added, “Just like your mother.” The King of the East went back upstairs to inform his wife and the rulers of the West of Fae’s plan. He walked slowly enough to give her enough time to get her armor on and mount her horse, Zephyr. 

Will Princess Fae get to her beloved in time? Whatt Horrors does Lady Morgan have in store for Prince Nelson? Find out next month! Same Squabby time! Same Squabby website!

The Prince In Peril, Part Two

The Prince In Peril, Part Two

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