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The Night Mabel's Snow Monster Ran Amok

The Night Mabel's Snow Monster Ran Amok

Once upon a time, the unthinkable happened. It snowed on Halloween. It started early in the afternoon just after lunchtime. Then it was just a dusting. No one thought much of it. Parents prepared themselves for the fight that would ensue while they tried to convince their young ones to wear their thermals under their costumes or, heaven forbid, their jackets over them. But by mid-afternoon inches had accrued. By dinner time almost a foot. Needless to say trick or treating was canceled. 

However, not all was lost, some children decided to make the most of a bad situation and build a snowman. And since it was Halloween, these were no regular snowmen. Some children used their vampire teeth to make monstrous snow creatures while others used their fairy wings and elf ears to make little snow pixies. For every type of costume, there was a snowman - soldiers, astronauts, werewolves, princesses, dragons, superheroes, and so on. 

Except for Mabel’s. 

Mabel was pretty upset she couldn’t trick or treat. In fact one could go so far as to say she was furious. She looked up and down her block at all the kids having fun making their spooky or heroic or fantastical snow people, and she couldn’t stand it, so she decided to make the ugliest, fiercest snowman she could. She started by rolling two balls of the gray snow from the edges of the road discolored by the grime of cars passing by. She stacked them on top of each other and found the two sharpest, most wicked-looking sticks she could find for its arms. Mabel took a step back to look over her work so far. She couldn’t just roll a regular ball for the head. No, she needed something that would make hers stand out. Then she got an idea, one that made her smile for the first time that day. She went to her front porch and grabbed her jack o’ lantern. Not the nice one she carved the day before, but her practice one. The one with the three eyes of different shapes and sizes and the mouth with squared and pointed teeth. The one she carved a week ago. The one that had started to get wrinkly and mushy and smelly. Mabel took that nasty pumpkin and placed it on her creation. She dusted the snow and mushy pumpkin residue off her mittens and admired her snow monster. 

Mabel Makes her Snow Monster by  Eleanor Cook

Mabel Makes her Snow Monster by Eleanor Cook

Satisfied with her work, Mabel went inside to she if her dad would give her any of the candy he had planned to give out. Later, she ate dinner, played, and eventually went to sleep like it was an ordinary night. However, it was still Halloween. Strange and spooky things still happened whether it snows or not. Witches and goblins and ghouls still come out to celebrate. As midnight approached, a witch who was running very late to a friend’s party passed over Mabel’s house. The witch was in such a hurry, she didn’t realize that she had left her bag filled with potions, powders, frog eyes, buzzard gizzards, mice lice, and bug boogers open. It just so happens that a pinch of powder fell out of her bag and drifted down to Mabel’s snow monster. The tiny granules landed on the bumpy, mushy jack o’ lantern. At first, nothing happened. The air was still. But then, a pointy wooden finger twitched. Two dirty snowballs jostled side to side. An unnatural glow lit up the pumpkin’s face. Its uneven mouth bent into a wicked smile. It looked around and saw the neighbor’s snow kitty. It rolled its lower ball like a wheel to get a closer look. It studied the kitty’s cute little whiskers and fuzzy fake ears. It lifted its arms and brought them down on the snow sculpture, smashing it until it was little more than a heap of snow and fur. It rolled down the street, chuckling to itself. 

Mabel couldn’t believe her eyes. She woke up with a dry mouth and crept to the kitchen to get some water. After she satisfied her thirst, Mabel decided to look out the living room window to curse the snow once more before she went back to bed, but she witnessed everything. The witch, the magic powder, her snow monster coming to life, and her monster smashing Katrina’s snow kitty. Mabel threw on her coat and boots and rushed outside. She was just in time to watch the snow monster eyeball Jaime’s snow dragon. 

The Snow Monster Running Amok by  Anne Cook

The Snow Monster Running Amok by Anne Cook

Mabel ran through the snow. She didn’t know if she should yell at the monster or call for help or just go back to bed, because obviously she had too much candy and this was all a dream, right? Before she could do any of that, the snow monster smashed Jaime’s snow sculpture. Without thinking, Mabel scooped up a handful of snow and hurled it at the monster. The snowball knocked the pumpkin right off its shoulders. Well, the area considered to be shoulders on a snowman. 

“Yes,” she said as she pumped her fist. “Direct hit!” 

But her celebration didn’t last long. The snow monster picked its head up and placed it where it belonged. It turned to Mabel and slowly rolled towards her. 

Panicked, Mabel prepared another snowball and hurled it, but she was so scared it whizzed over the monster’s head. So did the next three. The monster laughed to itself as it began rolling faster and faster towards Mabel, who finally decided to make a run for it. 

Mabel sprinted back to her house. In one fluid motion, she opened the door, entered entered, and slammed it shut. She leaned against the door. The house was quiet except for her heavy breaths. She had just calmed herself down when she heard it. 

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

Mabel held her breath and closed her eyes 

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. 

The monster chuckled to itself. Mabel knew she needed to get rid of the snow monster whether she was dreaming or not. She ran to the kitchen. She got a bowl down from the cabinet when she heard it again. 

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. 

This time it was coming from the window above the sink. The sink she needed to use to fill the bowl. She took two deep breaths and ran to the sink and turned the water on full blast. The snow monster pounded on the window. 

Thud. Thud. Thud. 

Once the bowl was full, Mabel spun around and bolted to the microwave. She put the bowl in and set it on high for five minutes. She quietly but quickly walked to her room. Waking her parents up was not an option at all. No way would they believe her. They’d just tell her to go back to bed and refuse to let her eat any candy tomorrow to keep her from having any more “nightmares“. 

Mabel entered her room and watched the window. She listened for the monster as she tiptoed to her closet. Nothing. Maybe the monster wandered off. Or maybe the magic powder wore off. Mabel grabbed her water gun and walked back to the kitchen. She stood still and waited for the monster to scratch at the window. There was nothing but silence. She stopped the microwave before it chimed. She used a pair of potholders and a funnel to pour the near boiling water into her gun’s basin. She clutched her water gun to her chest and stood very still and listened very closely. Before she could sigh a deep breath of relief, she heard the worst sound possible. 

Chk. Chk. Chk. 

The sound of a stick or sticks fumbling around a door knob. Mabel’s heart started beating faster and faster. She forgot to lock the door!

She pumped her water gun and made a break for the front door. The knob was rotating back and forth. 

Mabel took a deep breath, kicked the door open, squeezed the trigger, and blasted the snow monster with the scorching hot water. It tried to run away, but Mabel chased into the middle of her front yard. 

The monster shrieked and flailed its sharp arms around as Mabel’s attack melted its body. Mabel kept the water coming until the snow monster was nothing more than two sticks and a pumpkin in a puddle. The jack o’ lantern growled and gnashes it’]s teeth at Mabel’s booted feet. 

She looked down and asked, “Hey ugly, what’s your favorite ‘90’s alternative rock band?” and brought her foot down on the jack o’ lantern. She wiped the smashed pumpkin bits off her boots in the patch of newly-exposed grass and went inside to bed. 

When she woke up the next morning, Mabel stretched and wondered if it was really all just a dream. It had to have been, right? No way witches or snow monsters could be real. right? She had just convinced herself when she heard her dad say, “Huh, would you look at that? Only one small spot of snow in the middle of the yard melted. Weird. “

The Muck Monster

The Muck Monster