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Grumble Grizzly

Grumble Grizzly

Grumble Grizzly was an unhappy bear.

A grimace and his patched overalls were all he’d ever wear.

His eyes were mean, and his eyebrows were wild.

He kept to himself, and he never smiled.

No one knew why he was so gloomy.

His cave was warm, dry, and roomy.

Grumble Grizzly by  Anne Cook

Grumble Grizzly by Anne Cook

He had many buddies in the forest so vast;

He could find a friendly face incredibly fast.

But still he was gripey, grumpy, and mean.

And, without further adieu, we begin our scene:

“Poor Grumble!” said Bea Bunny.

“He’s always so rainy even when it is sunny.”

“Let’s plan a party for Grumble!” Squeaky Squirrel said.

And the wheels began to turn in his little furry head.

“We can play horseshoes, lawn darts, and swim in the lake!

We can have ice cream with sprinkles and double chocolate cake!

Why, we could even have balloons, hats, and banners.”

Grumble Grizzly overheard this plan and went bananners.

“I don’t want a stupid old party!” he screamed as his face turned red.

“So just stop those wheels turning in your squirrelly head!”

And with that the bear stormed off in a huff.

“A party? For me? Where do they come up with this stuff?

“Why would they throw a party for me?

“What did I do to warrant such generosity?”

Then, sitting on a rotten stump, Grumble began to think,

“Why, when the Chipmunk sisters showed me their dance, I simply said, ‘You stink.’

“Also, when Priya Porcupine offered me treats,

“I said, ‘I’d rather eat mud then your less-than-sweets.”

“Why, just yesterday, I trampled Stevie Skunk’s silly flowers with my stinky feet.”

Then, he thought about what he did to his friends and felt like moldy meat.

“They are all so kind, even when I’m a big jerk.”

Then, Grumble got up and quickly began to work.

He went back to his cave in quite a tizzy.

The ideas came so fast that he became dizzy.

He worked so hard and put up decorations big and bright.

In fact, that old bear worked straight through the night.

He wrote invitations and dropped them door to door,

But this wasn’t enough for Grumble, he wanted to do more.

He made and baked a cake and set up a game.

He had just finished decorating when everyone came.

“Well, look at that.” said Juniper Pig.

And all the animals’ eyes grew big.

Grumble's Surprise by  Elanor Cook

Grumble's Surprise by Elanor Cook

They had never seen an act so thoughtful and generous.

Squeaky exclaimed, “Grumble did it all! He did it all for us!”

“Thank you, Grumble!” they said, “You’re a great friend!”

Friends all together; what would make a better end?

The Crystal

The Crystal